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Venom RiRi
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Billionairefemale leadone-night standpregnantroyal/noble

Growing up with unknown family background and no relatives, Dawn don't intend to have emotions especially "Love". But one night after meeting a stranger, That one night she got pregnant. She doesn't know who the father is. Her children became her everything; happiness, weakness and strength. Because of them she felt the emotion of love. Will Dawn be able to know her origin? When the sextuplet found thier biogical father, And she meet the father of her children will she trust her mate the Moon Goddess destined for her? Trevor the Ultimate Lycan king of all alpha,and werewolf, he was an ideal man for every women. Despite being adored by thousand women, they are nobody for him. He always longs for her Luna whom he met seven years ago. Out of pressure from his clan's elders, Trevor need to choose a mate. Will Trevor be able to win the heart of his Luna he is longing for and proctect his children from diffirent circumstance? Enjoy reading the journey of Dawn and Trevor. Lycan King Trevor:My Hiding Luna.

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