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Married To My Enemy

Genevieve EdwinOngoing
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Genevieve Edwin
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betrayalBillionaireenemies to loverskillermafia/gangster

Meet Jared Jackson, the CEO of J & J group of companies. He is a 31 years old ladies man. Yes his likeness for women comes second after his company which he inherited from his father. Jared is loved by everyone, as the cute womanizing billionaire, he always succeeded in making it to the swedish headline every passing week. Commitment isn't a word you can find in his dictionary. His immense respect and love for his parents is his biggest weakness. Known for his easy going and womanizing side by the public, no one knew about his ruthless business man side. Neither did they know of not just his involvement in the mafia but that he is the mafia boss himself. He kills at will. You can describe him as the two faced cutie. And here's the queen of craziness. Ms Sweet Alondria Summer. Yes, sweet is her surname. She prefers to be called SAS because she is SASSY. She's 23, 5.8ft tall, with an hour glass shape which she sure likes to flaunt. From a very poor background, struggling and trying so hard to take care of her sick mother and little brother. Life was never fair to her from the start but she always tries to put a smile on the faces of her loved ones. She might be poor but not dumb. She's smart and beautiful. One look at her just can't be enough, you have to turn around and look again, and again. Her biggest goal is to be a successful musician and to make enough money to take care of her siblings. Getting into a relationship was the least thing on her mind What happens when Jared is forced to marry Alondria or loose his inheritance and get disowned? Will he let go of his inheritance and parents who he never jokes with or marry a girl he barely knows to please them? What happens when Alondria's sick mothers health gets worse and she needs to be operated on or she dies? Will Alondria be willing to marry the countries womanizer to save her dying mother?

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