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Not A Love Story

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Lucas Knight, who does not know him. Each and every person in the whole country knows him for his brutality and cold shoulder. I remember when I happened to first set my eyes on that man. With the one and only glance, I knew he was dangerous. Not only for the world but also for me. This was the reality known by everyone and me as well, I kind of freaked out a bit how he first spotted me across the crowd of countless unknown people at a party, one night. It was like he was staring right through me like he knew everything there is to know about me. As I got to know him more, something happened that I never planned or even had a dream, I fell for him. Little did I know then, he was going to turn my world around for the better and ultimately the worst and that is exactly what he did. Before I met him, I was just the typical girl at University of Manchester who passed all my classes and did best I could until he came into my life. This is the story of how I met him and strangely enough, fell for him when I kept telling myself to stay away, but with all the game of obsessions and jealousy, Was It even a love story?

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