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Seducing My Professor

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E.L Shorthouse
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female leadone-night standschool/campus

Two Strangers. One night. That was the plan. Kyler showed up soon after I got my heartbroken, and he was what I needed at the time. One night with no strings, no personal details, just names. Someone to take my mind off things. It worked. We would not need to see each other again. It's Wrong! Come Monday, I walk into class, and there he is! What are the chances that the man I believed I would never see again is standing right there as my new Professor? He isn’t the only one still with marks. I still have small hickeys on my thighs and bruises on them, also his imprinted fingertips on my hips. I wonder what his thoughts are on having a repeat of our night together? I think I may want to break some rules!

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