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The Pack's Secret Keeper

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Book One in the Havermouth Pack Series Trigger Warnings - this is a DARK werewolf/vampire bullyboy romance book, featuring non-con/dub-con, gaslighting, violence, and a range of very kinky group sex bxg and bxb, sounding, masochism, bondage, BDSM, Daddy-Dom, and more ** Can you keep a secret? Aislen can. She has the unusual gift of being able to see a person’s thoughts, flashes of their past and future, at a touch. Havermouth is a town of secrets, with the main industry being the vampire run Zeus Forest Works, and most of the town businesses owned by the local werewolf pack. When the werewolf bullyboys known as The Triquetra decide to use Aislen as their sex toy, she will need every secret she knows in order to win their respect and find her place in Havermouth’s complicated society. Everyone has secrets, and Aislen learns that being the one who knows them can be powerful… and dangerous.

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