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Lured By My Luna

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"Cathy was living in the darkness until she met Jacob and the sun of her life started rising up. Her real identity about being an undead Lycan Princess of Jinxx was revealed, the new turn of her life was excavated, but that couldn't bring the sun back completely since another encounter broke her partially. However, the sun of her life rose entirely after she met Lee, the Alpha of Phoenix who has been counting years for her. Even though she was in his kingdom with her hidden identity, it didn't take a long time for the subjects of his to unravel it. As a result, to save herself, she was forced to mate with Lee. When all she believed was Jacob, the man who showed her the road to light, she got betrayed by him, his true identity and certain goals. Lee gave her a shoulder just like the previous times and she found out he was the one for her from the very beginning. Everything was going fine. But fate had some other plans. The war was called between Phoenix and Jinxx!"

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