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El Greco's Curse Underneath The Meadows

Raven HeartOngoing
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Raven Heart
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contract marriageenemies to loversmafia/gangsterrevengesecond chance

Meadows Ashton promises to hunt the man behind her parents death. She enters a well-known strip club to get close to a certain mafia bosses. Those lonely gray eyes drawn her into a sweet bed. Will she believe to a lie of his true enemy? Is she ready to love a mafia boss who is also a demon prince? Trace El Greco is a demon who fell asleep and woke up 300 years later. Bound by a promise, he became a mafia boss and awaits to be awaken. His lover who was reborn became his hidden enemy. Meadows wakes his desire as a man as the secret of the past comes after them. Will he be able to have the happy ending that he lost? Or his true enemy will turn his world from ashes once more?

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