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The Luna's Mate Is A Mysterious Tribrid

Raven HeartOngoing
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Raven Heart
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Arielle Athanasia is arrogant and bossy. Her pack is known their power and for being fearless. She had been seeking for the truth about her parents death but she got nothing. One day the pack’s elders give her an ultimatum. “Find a mate or you will be kick out in this pack.” Those words made her desperate. She meet this tribrid in a bar his eyes is lonely and lifeless. His arrogance attracts her the most. Succumbed by his charm is she ready to fall in love? Can she still love him if he’s the reason she lost her parents? Damien Taylor is a tribrid was driven by his desire for revenge. Fate plays in his lifeless world, she will meet this Luna who is alluring yet arrogant. Seeking for justice and a home, he will fell in a trap of love. Their entangled past will test their love. Are they willing to walk together or betrayed each other and be tricked by their enemies lies?

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