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Daddy's Girl

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queersecond chanceslice of life

She is young, driven and smart. NATASHA Ivanov is a 17 year old top student from Moscow Russia. Her life is all perfect and all but soon all that goes down in shambles when her best friend, her mother unexpectedly dies in a car accident. As if matters can't get worse, as a minor, she finds herself moving to the only man she never thought she will ever meet in her life. Tomas Daniels is a 52 year old retired millionaire living alone in a cottage village in Southern Canada. He is faced with brain cancer when the sudden appearance of his illegitimate daughter brings in more problems. Finding out he is only left with a maximum of a year to live,he tries to find way into becoming a father Natasha never had. Will they be able to reconnect? Or will Tomas die regretting he's life choices?

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