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Alpha's Sexy Seduction

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I inhaled softly, when Marcus arms snaked around my waist, hugging me from the back. A blush crept up my cheeks as I remained speechless. I wanted to reply to him, but I was dumbfounded. I couldn't place my mind on the right words to say. I decided to remain quiet, leaning into him. We stayed that way some minutes, until he started kissing my neck. I moaned, my eyes rolled as I felt his hands groping my breasts. He then lifted his lips to my ear, sucking and nibbling on it. “Chloe?” “Hmm...,” I replied. He then stopped what he was doing and whispered in my ears. “Why is your body so cold?” That stilled me, wiping out any little feeling of excitement that had started to build up. I moved out of his arms and turned around to face him. I tried to read him but he kept his face bare of any emotion. The fear suddenly returned and I regretted letting myself get carried away again. Stupid Chloe, blast you! Damn stupid wolf!

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