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Perfect shot

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kickass heroine

That was the day her ordinary life ended… Emma’s life was mundane; wake up, go to work, come home and look after her grandmother and older sister. Her dream of being a writer may have been pushed aside because of her current job as a high school teacher, but she always thought she’d have time to get back to her dream. Until the EMP strike happened; and it was just the beginning. She watched a plane crash right in the middle of traffic. At first, everyone thought the strike had only happened locally and they would receive help, but soon, the town realizes that this may be a countrywide attack. Trapped in a world with no power, she struggles to survive while living in a dark, ever changing society. Emma knows she can only remain strong if she wishes to protect her family in this new world with no law, no order, and people willing to do anything to acquire their next meal. Can Emma stay strong in her crisis to protect her family, or will she fall? What lengths would she go to protect herself, her friends, and her family?

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