The Panther Alpha's Unclaimed Mate (Beauty and the Beast #2) By MissChi26 | Libri

The Panther Alpha's Unclaimed Mate (Beauty and the Beast #2)

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"I wish to ask you something." It took me a moment to make Warren out. He sat watching me. I sat up, still a little drowsy. "Shoot." He was instantly concerned. "What's the matter?" Oh, he took it to mean that. "No, I mean go ahead, ask me." "Oh. Would you forgive me any fault?" "What, you planning on killing Kyle?" He chuckled throatily, and I fell in love with the sound all over again. "Please be serious." "You know I would." He tipped my face up and his eyes bore into mine as if he was trying to read my very soul. "Any fault, Belle?" "Anything..." I affirmed, then teased, "except Prague." He rolled his eyes and sat back. "Tonight I watch over the forest. May I escort you home?" "Yeah, sure." I turned to pack up. Warren turned me back to him, slipped both hands into my hair possessively. And then his lips were on mine. *** Annabelle and Warren have been dating for nearly a year when a new threat arises that terrifies Warren. It causes friction between him and his family but he insists on keeping Annabelle in the dark... until he disappears and returns with a new girlfriend on his arm. Annabelle’s heart shatters and Victor consoles her and helps her to find her feet. Her friends rally around her as she tries to get over Warren, and Victor becomes her rock. He joins a coven as his family to learn how to improve his self control so that he can be everything she needs – but she is completely hung up on Warren. She cannot get over the new mystery he poses. Why is he so silent? Why does he look utterly unhappy? And why was he so afraid for her safety before his new girlfriend came to town?

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