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You Regret Rejecting Me, Alpha?

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"You aren't my mate, you can never be, you CURSED WOLF." White Wolf, the legendary cursed wolf. It was said that the white wolf will bring misfortune to the pack. And that was the reason Alpha Xavier Black Rejected his mate, when he found out Flora her mate was The white wolf. This is all Flora got from her mate after her 18th birthday. She knew Xavier hates her now, she knew he hates her for a reason, she had snatched something very precious to him. She would've hated herself too, if she was in his place. But he rejected her, and announced that Ashley would be his luna. Despairing and heartbroken, Flora left away, only to find her real identity. But when Alpha Xavier realised his mistake and went to take her back, she rejected him back. Xavier realised that Flora was not the timid girl that she used to be. She was standing there like a real queen, "You said you regret Rejecting me Alpha? But now it's too late. I FLORA DAVIS IS REJECTING YOU ALPHA XAVIER BLACK AND ACCEPTING YOUR REJECTION."

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