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The pack doctor is my Mate

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Riley Clifford has lived in the Midnight pack closely to 15years . She was abudcted and brought to the Midnight pack and kept until when she gets older to become the pack doctor based on the gift of medicine that her father used to make . Her life at the midnight pack is full of hustle even with with treatment that she gives the pack members along side being over worked. Despite all this, her good looks are still so charming which makes her envied by all the pack girls and women. Her torture continues until a few months to her eighteen when she meets her long awaited mate who happens to be , Waylen Hector the Alpha's son. To the shock of everyone , He doesn't reject her as they thought he could. This leads to their banishment from the pack an action that digs more dark sercets that will change all of them in so many different ways giving an entrance to wolves that have been away for more than 30years and more.

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