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With You Always

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Ice Cream Sundae
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Sabhya never got the chance to date. Her parents had too many expectations for her. While trying to meet their expectations she never got the chance to even live. After finally leaving her parents' shadow to live her life like she wants. Her parents force her to marry a complete stranger. One last favor and she'll finally be free from her parents. Rohit made a mistake. A mistake his father never forgets to bring up. Always putting him down by reminding him of that. That he owes his dad a favor. Using that, he forces him to marry a complete stranger. With having each other by their side will they finally realize the true meaning of family, love and home? …………... "Let's do a Fist bump." Sabhya said "Fist bump?" "Yeah, because a handshake will be like a business deal and our parents did the business deal not us and high five is too friendly, I don't think we are at that stage. So a Fist bump, it's in the middle." She explained. "Fist bump it is."

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