My Gender Swapped When I Was Isekai'd: Journey of the Weakest Human By Lexinor | Libri

My Gender Swapped When I Was Isekai'd: Journey of the Weakest Human

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Why do my five sisters constantly take me for granted by sending me to do their unnecessary chores?! It was disturbing enough that I had to cancel my weekend plans to get their girly products instead of chilling at home, but now I'm somehow in another world with a new face and gender with random people from Earth crying and praying to go back home all around me. Not to mention this damned wolf who's barely explained anything to us this whole time. Luckily even if I'm stuck here, the trip to the supermarket means I've got enough food to survive for a while. Now I just need to figure out who's giving this old wolf orders, why they're forcing us to gain points to buy weapons and rooms and how to escape certain death in this sadistic place. Who cares if I'm only in this forest two hours a day? Send me back! But why was I even brought here? And as a girl? Will I be able to turn back into a guy? Or am I stuck like this forever?! ************ By, "You can never go back home." I'm probably not only stuck here, but I'm stuck here as a woman too, meaning I can’t trust anybody here. After all, who knows what kind of things they did back on Earth... So don't ask to be my friend. Don't talk to me and leave me alone! Why isn't she leaving? Can't she tell being alone is my way of living!? What? She'll keep bothering me until I accept her as my friend? Isn’t that unfair? Just who are you anyway?!

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