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My Enemy, My Mate

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When seventeen-year-old Brea walks into her new school at her dad's command, she has no clue that her haunted past has come back for her- neither does she realize that maybe, just maybe, she might be starting to fall for the truths she’d spent her entire life ignoring. Auden, the blue-eyed alpha whom she’d left behind to move hundreds of miles away from home, is back- and this time, he’s out for her blood. Humiliated at the way his mate ran away from him, he wants revenge, but it isn’t all he wants from her. Slowly, Cassie finds herself falling under his spell, but will they be able to move past their differences? Or will Cassie find out the hard way that everything that glitters is not gold- especially when you’re caught up in a dangerous, heart-shattering romance?

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