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Rapunzel andher 18 Bloody Gifts

Kirche LeafOngoing
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Kirche Leaf
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“Zelle, don’t worry, I’ll protect you!” Zach caressed her hair as tears fell on her cheeks. “Y-you—you are not my knight in shining armor… This is not a fairytale!” Aaron held her hand away from Zach. “I can be your prince if you want to...” Zelle fell on her knees bursting into tears, “Please stop! I—I don’t want to see you two in one of those boxes too!” 18 people she cares about… 18 days left before her 18th birthday… Each day onward she receives bloody gifts containing disembodied parts… Which candle our Little Zelle will blow on the day of her birthday? “Happy Birthday to me…” ---- Be Updated in FB: https:/www.facebook.com/norinrinterinkirche -Original Book Cover -Original Novel -All Rights Reserved

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