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Love Ain't Always Pretty

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Savannah Canterbury, privileged and grew up in a rich household whose parents are both doctors. All her life she has always been wanting to please her parents and to never disappoint them. She is the kind of woman who isn't looking for love because she is too focused on having an accomplished life. Nick Wilde, a secretive and cold-hearted first boy with a lurking dark past of murder who grew up in awfully poor family. He has disabled himself to feel anything coming from anyone because of the tragic thing that happened in his life. He only cares about his younger sister Tracy and no one else. Nick is a man who never wants to fall in love again. Until he meets Tracy's roommate Savannah where his world turns upside down. An unexpected and unwanted relationship where they are bound to set three rules: 1.Live the present in secret 2.No commitment 3.Never expect for a future. Nick can close his eyes to the things he doesn't want to see but he can't close his heart from the things he doesn't want to feel. When everything falls out of place, hearts get broken, tears turns to anger and their love gets hideous, is Savannah willing to risk everything even after his ugly past? Love has never been pretty for Nick but will he allow himself to feel again? Will a love that started so ugly turn out into something beautiful? All Rights Reserved.

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