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Hit The Ice

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Kaylin‘s heart is broken after her boyfriend cheated on her only 3 months after her mom died. She started a new life after moving to a new state with her family, where she met the hook-up king there, the one who pulled her out of the nightmare of the past. ---- A year and a half after their mother passing, Kaylin, Austin, and James (Jamie) Wilson are being moved to a new state. Well, new to them but all to familiar to their father Duke. He and their mothers home town actually. The Wilson kids are pretty simple. Kaylin who is going in to her junior year, and Austin and Jamie, the twins, starting their senior year. The one quality they all have however, is their abilities on skates. Ice skates. Jamie and Austin both play hockey, and just as they always have, under the coaching of their dad. Who was just hired at his alma mater to lead their hockey team to a championship they haven't had since he himself attended school. And Kaylin, although very talented with a hockey stick, has drifted more toward figure since childhood, wanting to take after her mother. But, since her death, it's been hard for Kaylin to be on the ice. But not anymore. While trying to find them selves and navigate through a new life, the Wilson children meet some new people. People whose parents were also friends with their own. How will they balance the new found friendships, being their best on the ice, new found romances, wrenching heartbreaks, and trying to divide who they want to be from who they used to be? Join them in their coming of age journey. Authors Note: None of the songs in this book are my own. At the end of this book I will list the titles and artists! Thank you so much for reading!

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