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Love, Vogue and the CEO

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BillionaireCEOenemies to loversfemale leadkickass heroine

Billionaire Ace Brightly is the CEO of his own fashion industry called Pure Fashion. Everyone thinks he is cold and arrogant and tries their best to avoid him at all costs. Then enters Zurielle Summers! After a run-in, meeting each other for the first time, she stands up to him and doesn't take his disrespect and has no idea he is the CEO. She scolds him in front of his staff and you can just imagine their reactions. Not realising she isn't employed at his company, he makes it his mission to find out who she is and what sector she works in. Every time they run into each other, it turns into a disaster at the workplace arguing with each other while the staff discreetly watches on eating popcorn like it's their daily episode of a soap opera. From Biker gangs to Glitz and glamour, this story has it all tragedy, drama, humour, romance, fashion. So get your box of tissues ready to wipe your tears and your bag of popcorn in the microwave coz you will need it.

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