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She's Not My Luna

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Warning: the story contains mature content that may be offensive and inappropriate for readers under age. As a Crown Prince, he should find his mate before turning into twenty-one... That was one of the rules of his pack kingdom. And if he didn't he should choose a mate or just pass the throne as a king for his younger brother.   But he didn't wait, he was craving for the throne... He was dying to be a king. So he picked one and lost his real Luna...   'I watched him for too long, But... Now I will make his brother mine and make him regret it.'   She was shy but stubborn... she felt rejected and abandoned by her mate. she made a vow to make the crown prince 'kneel down her feet'   Was it too late?       Excerpt   "Don't you feel anything?" He stepped closer to my bed.   I smirked "No!" I lied.   "But... How? Why do I feel that...?" He trembled and I cut him off coldly "Feel what your highness?" Now he feels that I'm his Real mate? Now he could feel the pain in my chest That I did my best to hide?! I will never surrender to my wolf craving him. I will never give him another chance ever.   "Just look at me, I think That you can't be with my younger brother." he tried to convince me.   But hell dammit, I will never go back from my plan, I will take my revenge from him "why? he is my mate." I just said my words simply.   He growled angrily "he is not your fucking mate! And you can't be with him... because..." he paused fuming in anger. He wanted to suppress his words and control himself.   But I pressed his jealousy button "Go back to your Luna please. I will be mated to your younger brother tonight."   "What the hell?" he yelled shockingly and gripped my arm with his strong hands "Never! you are mine. If you are in amnesia or not. YOU ARE MINE AND ONLY MINE,"   I laughed hysterically making fun of his words, "Never, No second chance."   But with my heartbeats getting higher, and my wolf growling protesting for rejecting my real mate. I guess I was exposed to him. He smirked and then pulled my face close enough to him to thrust my lips with his making our bodies on heat as hellfire.

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