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Stalked By My Alpha

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"Do you love me?" I asked. I was tired of his game. Tired of his ruthlessness when it came to treating me. I needed someone. Desperately. "No." He replied without waiting for even a second and pulled the girl that was in his arms closer to his chest. Kissing her deeply in front of my eyes. He followed me to every place that I went to since the day I had stepped inside his world. He threatened and hit every man that dared to come close to me, who dared to ask me out or behaved too friendly with me. And on the other hand, he went about his way putting his mouth on every girl that came into his sight. Except me. Why? Because I was his mate. I sighed heavily at his words. This was it. This was the limit of my patience with him. I stepped forward so that I was just one step away from him. I extended my hand and pinched the lock of hair softly that was falling on his forehead. He was gorgeous. But he was not meant to be with me. "Then you won't be able to find me ever again." ~~~~~ Because of his traumatic past, Damon had decided to never mate. After meeting Bella he did the things he wasn't proud of, but his ego was more superior to ask for any forgiveness. But then, he loved her too, in his own fucked up way. When she leaves, he searches for her desperately. While at the same time, someone starts going through clans leaving kills. The mysterious kills bring back the one who was never destined to be this strong. Will Bella and Damon ever meet? Or will this be a tragic end to their love story? ---- Updates: Monday | Wednesday | Friday

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