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Clash Of Lovers

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CEOFirst lovewife/husband/family

They were in love with each other, to bring their relationship to next level, they tied the knot of marriage. Marriage, though it's a simple word of 8 letters, only the ones who have tasted it can understand it better. From "Baby, I can't stay without you. Please don't move away from my arms" to "Your son is crying and you are just seating idly using your phone, just go and make shut that pain in my ass." From "I want to spend my whole life with you. I love you darling" to "Ohhh god, when this person will move away from my eyesight." In the buffet of relationship we have different tastes; spicy, sour, sweet and bitter. So, we have to taste them in either way. We all know the philosophy of life, still we start to believe these small fights as end of love. Sometimes, misunderstandings leads us to the most unwanted ending which is defined as "Divorce" in today's context. Let's see how Adrian and Stelara handle this word of 8 letters, "Marriage". Will their love be able to eliminate "Divorce" from their equation of relationship?

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