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My Suspecious Flatmate

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"Where do you get your inspiration from? From all suicidal and murder documentaries?" "Come on, we all know that you tried to take your life." "She is crazy." "Crazy is an understatement, she is a deranged lunatic and a maniac." ... Meet Roxanne Fernsby, she is a normal nineteen years old girl, a freshman in the fashion design department, but that is what she wanted to be considered as by everyone. Well, she is not so normal as the biggest sass queen and she could literally flip anyone else's mind of heart with her crazy diva and b*tchy nature. And things would have been normal for her as a freshman in college just exactly to her liking if the rumor about her suicide attempt had not spread but the bigger problem was that she did not remember why she suddenly attempted suicide. Her parents, precisely her father had always been against her dream of being a fashion designer and had many restrictions on her but never did her mind cross to the thought of suicide. She was trying to find the answer that was blocked in her memory. But there came a good thing from that mishap that her father finally allowed her to pursue fashion designing and had started to be lenient with her as well. She moves to the other city for her studies and since the fashion designing department does not have a dormitory, she had to rent a small flat where one student was already living and the name of her flatmate was given as Andy by the landlord but when she reached there, it turned out to be a boy named Andrew MacCarthy. Since the deposit was already made, she had no other option but to stay in the same flat for a minimum of six months. Andrew was a second-year medical student, the polar opposite of Roxanne with his bubbly and friendly personality but there was always this suspicious feeling that Roxanne got whenever she was near him, she felt like they had known each other from before and she is bound to find how she was connected with her flatmate and another guy from the law department that she had come to know because of her cousin. "Don't you think you should be ashamed that even a suicidal can do better than you at designs, jeez?" “Mister sexy, do you know your buttcheeks look amazing?” “Tell me honestly-- have you met me before I came here?” “My parents had a hand in this, didn’t they?” “I don’t remember exactly but I feel like we have done this before as well, I feel connected to you.”

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