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The Billionaire's Escort [First Heiress]

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They say 'Home is where the heart is'... Eilyn Han, heiress to a billionaire's empire, would beg to differ. Her artistic, free-spirited nature wouldn't let her fall prey to the allure of corporate greed. But she is still a Han. And no matter what, family comes first. Before her graduation, unfortunate news about her brother forces Eilyn back to Manila. When Axell—her mysterious new escort—decides to take over, his choices thrust her into a perilous web of vengeful mobsters and clan secrets. ••• A bodyguard by profession, Axell seeks new opportunities as he rebuilds his life in Manila after a messy past. To support his family, he cuts a deal with Mr. Han, a billionaire—a deal that might threaten Axell's life and put his entire family in harm's way. When Axell meets the billionaire's daughter for the first time, fate tests their strength of character and entwines their paths with a group of thugs out for blood. Will Axell bring her back home safely? Or will his dark secrets lead to their doom?

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