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The Cursed Girlfriend

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Matteo and Sylvie are unaware of the generational curse that has befallen Sylvie's family until Matteo proposes to her. As soon as Sylvie puts on the engagement ring and the pair drives away together, their automobile spins out of control and rebounds off the road, nearly killing them both. When Sylvie's parents learn of her accident, they rush to the hospital, only to discover an engagement ring on her finger. Distraught, the father confesses to the young couple that his family had been cursed by an angry Father D'Souza three hundred years ago, and that the spell prevented their daughters from marrying. The couple finds it difficult to believe, but they have little option because their lives are continually threatened. Matteo and Sylvie are unable to live without each other, but there is little they can do until Matteo encounters Professor Beth, the spiritual world's master. Professor Beth explains to Matteo that in some cultures, it was believed that a generational curse worked long after the person who had uttered it had died because it was thought that an evil curse, once uttered, stuck to an evil witch, and the witch then became the keeper of the curse, and it was the duty of that evil witch Krystle to make the curse come true generation after generation.  Professor Beth is questioned by Matteo if there is a method to kill the witch and break the curse. Professor Beth informs him that there was a way out, but it was dangerous. If he decides to seek down and eliminate a spirit, the spirit will be aware that it is being pursued. It would erupt into a conflict between man and the devil. Was he up to the task? Matteo declares to Professor Beth that he will fight for his love... and thus their adventure begins. Through a realm of terror and intrigue, as well as the never-ending battle between good and evil. Will love triumph over all?  

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