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The Billionaire's Escort

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BillionaireCEOfemale leadlove at first sight

They say we fall in love with three kinds of people in our life that would make us experience different types of love. The love that looks right like the ones that we see in fairy tales; the hard love, where we experience the pain and hurt of falling in love and would teach us lessons; and the love that lasts that would redeem us from the pain of the past, and the kind that we never expected coming. And I think I just experienced the first two, the type that looks right with Noah. I loved him to the very core of my being until he died in a car accident. When I thought I’d never recover from the pain of losing Noah, I met Kevin, who taught me that love could be hard and difficult. He was my hard love. And now, David. I never saw him coming. I never expected him to be my knight in a white doctor’s coat that would save me from the pain of remembering my hard love, Kevin. Would David be my love that lasts? And if it is, am I really in love with him, or was it Noah’s heart I’ve fallen for?

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