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One Summer at Hotel de Villa: Love Game Series

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Sassa Trinidad, a famous celebrity host in Europe reached her peak of career through the help of her director, Shawn Mendez who had conceptualised a dating game reality show he called, LOVE GAME. Sassa hosted the popular reality show, everyone considers her as a woman of triumph and fortune. But nobody knows the struggle and pain she was suffering from after a painful heartbreak with her long time partner, Markus Villarreal who had cheated on her for so many times. Every year, Shawn conducted a screening among the housemates who will be playing the game. He wanted someone who has an impactful heart break story that will catch the interest of the viewers. The official contestants were taken from the different parts of the world since one goal of the show is to prove that love could possibly exist in spite of racial and cultural diversities. Unfortunately, during the official premiere of the show, one of the official contestants had encountered an accident which eventually leads to an automatic disqualification for the contest. Sassa Trinidad was forced to join the contest since there was no more time left. She accepted the offer since she can’t refuse anything from Shawn. She knew to herself that she was not yet moving on from her heart break with Markus, but she took the challenge bravely. She has no goal to win love nor money, she is just doing it for Shawn. But as she entered the hotel where the show has been taken. Someone had changed her heart, the man she thought who will save her from loneliness and heal her heart to totally forget Markus. But just like what happens in the nature of love, a third party inside the house exist. But Sassa fought for the love she believed belongs to her. At the end of the game, it was their pair who brings home the pot money and most of all, the love that had taken her out of the dark chamber of sorrow and grief.

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