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Serendipity (Serena Lincoln and Matthew Davis)

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Serena Lincoln, the only daughter of the CEO of the Lincoln Construction Company. Serena was disowned by her parents, after knowing that she has a baby. Little did they know, it was Bea Morgan’s daughter. After Bea abandoned her child under Serena’s care, the latter applied for a job in a prestigious company as a secretary, owned by Anthony Davis. Five years later, Anthony Davis stepped down as the CEO, and his son, Matthew Davis will replace him. Anthony Davis made Serena the secretary of Matthew. Matthew and Serena will fall in love with each other… But Bea came back. And she will try to get her daughter from Serena after she found out that Matthew Davies, a billionaire, and owner of DM Group of Companies and the CEO of The Builders, was the fraternal parent of Maureen. Will Bea succeed with her evil thoughts? Is Serena willing to give up everything she had, including Matthew and Maureen? Will Serena's parents accept her after knowing the truth?

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