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The Great Alpha's SELENOPHILE

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Cassiopeia Collin's world tore down to pieces after her ex-boyfriend and his father died on the same day during her battle against Estel and Helena, the Darklings of the Demon Lord. Dillon, her Werewolf Royal Guard was the only person she could rely on as she suffers the tormenting nightmare of loss and grief after they went back to the Mortal World. Now, Cassy has to convince the Moonhalo, the Werewolf Clan, to make alliance with her. But could she win their trust after they found out she’s the reason behind the fissure on the Gate of Chaos that could lead to the apocalyptic destruction of the Mortal world? And after she accepted the role as the next Queen of the Underworld, the council of the Fae forces her to marry Alston: the Fae that helped them with the keystones. The event complicated things between her and Dillon. Now, she has to choose whether the crown or her love for the Great Alpha who saved her from Corin’s dark desire to trap her soul with him in the depths of Hell. Will it be her obligation as the next Queen or her love for the Werewolf? She has to choose.

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