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The Last Lycan Alpha King

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betrayalpregnantsecond chancewerewolfAlpha mateLove trianglefated

"Mommy, is Alpha really my dad?" My 4 year old son,Cage asked, choking out a sob. "Is Cag my son?" My mate, Dash questioned, his voice is as cold as ice. "ANSWER ME!" "Yes, he is our son, I'm sorry." I sobbed. "Liar! I kept asking you who my father was but you just locked me in this house!" cage cried. "You will not be my luna, ever. My son will be with me" Dash said, left with Dash. I was all alone again, everyone left me. I was back to where I was before I came here to this pack, all alone. --- After being betrayed by his girlfriend with his worst enemy, Dash make a rash decision out of pure anger and hatred not knowing the same girl is his mate and the Luna. After he returns from alpha camp and becomes alpha, a lot of dark secrets that have been hidden for years are reviewed.

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