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I'm Only His Book 2

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I stand there with my back away from him. I cannot look at him, not after he hurt me. How am I supposed to believe anything that comes out of his mouth? "Helena. I- I am sorry. It was never my intention." hearing him take a step closer. The heat of his muscular body penetrates my cold skin. "Leave, just -- leave me alone. I cannot take it anymore. You broke me. Do you not get that?" whispering the last part. "I did. Please..." "Don't, your words do not mean anything. You do not mean anything." I want him to hurt as badly as he hurt me. "That is not true. I know you do not mean that. You want me as much as I want you." his breath lingers in my ear. "Do not flatter yourself. I hate you. I.Do.Not.Want.You." hissing I turn around to face him. He purses his lips knowing my words cut deep. I am not going to be nice anymore. Kane made sure that part of me is gone. Silence fills the room. It is suffocating me just like he is and right when I was going to turn around, he grabs me slamming me to his hard chest. "Too bad, because I want you." smashing his lips on mine he kisses me hungrily as if his life depends on it. I try pushing him away, but I could not or simply I just did not want to. Do I want him after what he has done? Lifting me up he walks us to the bed laying me down slowly. Pulling away he takes his shirt off then kisses me again. "I want you. There is no one else I want more than you. Let me be your first and last." I really do not know what I was thinking or if I was at that moment, but I want him. I cannot deny it. "Take me. I want you to make love to me." letting the words come out causes him to smile. Without another word he kisses me softly. "I have been waiting for you to say that to me for a while. I will make love to you until the sun comes up baby." He then takes my shirt off with everything else. His body presses against mine. "I love you Helena and I always will." as he enters me taking my virginity just like he always planned to.

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