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Demon Kings Queen

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"State your business so I can leave soon." "Really? Is that how you greet the person you haven't seen in a while?" The moon princess crossed her arms against her chest. "I don't bother to greet that person at all. Consider yourself lucky." "Didn't know the moon princess could contain that much spite." "What can I say?" She lowered herself onto the ground. Now their height difference was much more apparent. "You... inspire me." "Inspire you?" "Yes," She smiled sweetly. *** There's two things that strikes Talia as she starts reading the book of her past-Lukas was a reckless son of Helios, Ajaxson was the son of Ajax who's head over heels in love with her while she was a moon princess desired by both of them. To add a Greek Goddess Hera made it impossible for her to stay happy with Lukas. It was just not written in the stars. ***

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