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Reincannated Potrait

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Aeul Nueva is an 18 years old girl with a belief that everything around her must be perfect. She's not famous nor a loser. She's at the middle with a very unreadable mindset. She's been feared by many even she's a loner. Everything's almost perfect entailed with beauty, intelligence, complete family and wealth. But there's something lacking—love. She's been to sorrow since day one but when she encountered a very annoying guy in her pot where she found her peace alone, her everything went blur. From her plans and beliefs, she forgot the word perfection and imperfection is now her rest, her home rather. The guy made her the person way far from her expectations. From doing stuffs that's so unlikely for her as an epitome of perfection, she became a girl who freed herself from being caged. But, what if she'll just realize sooner that the guy whom her everything is also the man reincarnated from her past? But there's still one thing that hinders them to be with each other's embrace. And the worst thing is, he's now only her sweet imagination. How can a strong and perfect Aeul handles all of that revelations?

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