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Strike of Ink

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First loveGleeK-popsuperstar

A writer and an Idol falling in love! Has that ever gone fluently as imagined? Y/N is a talented young writer. She is used to expressing her thoughts and feelings through her books. But her books have never even once gotten so famous to become best-sellers in the industry. And then suddenly one day , out of blue, she gained the opportunity to write a story for BTS. Considering it as a huge opportunity she doesn’t wanna miss it but she can only carry on by accepting the terms of Bighit entertainment. She is offered a contract to live with BTS members for at least 3 months and write a realistic imagined story on the concept of ‘Idol Dating’ . Living with Seven Dangerously Handsome men. Y/N is confused if she should accept the opportunity for her career. Or stop before even starting just because she is afraid of falling in love again?

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