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Fuckboy Desire 'My Girlfriend is a Freak Doll

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After the Goddess Zuleika sacrificed her life for the peace of the magical World of Avarlone. For no apparent reason, Zuleika went to the world of mortals. She was found unconscious by the couple Cardo and Remedios. The couple did not know what to do with Zuleika so they brought the unknown Goddess to serve the Thompson Family. She will meet the Millenial Fuckboy Franz Razzo Thompson, a Social Media Hottie and basketball heartthrob. Because the Goddess is from the magical world, Armed with the beauty of Aphrodite and the wisdom of Athena Razzo noticed that Zuleika act strangely as if she is ignorant and seems to come from old times. Zuleika fell in love with Razzo's handsomeness but she paid more attention in her mission to find the monster mentioned in the prophecy that would bring a gruesome end to Avarlone.

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