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My Girlfriend is a Fairy

Julio VigaOngoing
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Julio Viga
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Dexter falls in love with the mysterious lady living in the forest. He happened to meet her when he went on hunting and lost his way going home. Tired, hungry, thirsty and sick, Shayne takes good care of him. Have not able to come back, companions of Dexter seek the helped of forest rangers and hiker’s group, in place, together with the police force, they look for Dexter for a week, but they get no result, later they give up and declared him dead. When Dexter is well, he returned back to his family. His relatives and friends cannot believe his story that a lady in the name of Shayne helped him, much more, that he only stays there for a few days, because they have been looking him for a year, and he was actually believe to be dead. The relatives of Dexter forbid him to return to the forest and see Shayne again. He promised Shayne he will be back. He owes Shayne his life, and much more he loves Shayne. Dexter is willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of his love. Dexter fight for his love and will see Shayne at all cost, even, it may mean the loss of his career, prestige, or his own life.

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