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The Forbidden Desires of the Flesh

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Sablay Navarro
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supernature earthBXGsoul-swapwerewolf

Born under the radiant beauty of the full moon and the howling of wolves, souls of newborn babies were switched to live in each other’s bodies. The soul of a human boy resides on a she-wolf pup while the wolf pup’s soul is trapped inside the boy’s body. None of them knew this except the gods and deities of nature. Coming of age, Zeev, a she-wolf soul in a man’s body was falling for a man while Louve, the man in a she-wolf’s body unfortunately had met her fate just in time when their souls were about to be reversed back. When Zeev was so happy to be back in his body, Louve wont accept her death. She fought for her right to live inside Zeev’s body. The Luna in Louve just wont give up easily. Because he was responsible for the she-wolf body who died, Zeev allowed Louve to do what she wanted on his body, except to do what is forbidden. As they do everything to fight for their purpose and love, the two souls in one mortal body faces so many adventures that the playful god has brought them into.

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