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I Married My EX

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This is a story of Bridgette who grew up smart, a typical NBSB girl at the age of 21, and who started falling in love late. Many believes that she is weird, she is a little introvert, and only has few friends. She is so focused on her studies because she wants to be a lawyer someday. She believes that being a lawyer will eventually help her family financially, and will definitely make her parents proud. She is the darling of the crowd because of her skills, friendly personality, and smiling face, but when at home, she prefers to stay whole day inside her room, and have some time with herself. Bridgette or Jette for short has a secret that she keeps for a long period of time. Jette will fall in love at the peak of her career goals… to someone who is a boy next door, and a former classmate, his name is Alejandro or Drew for short. Drew will be her first heart break, leaving her with nothing but tears in her eyes. After so long, they will meet again… at an unexpected way… Will Jette’s secret be revealed this time? Secrets that will surely create chaos, change of fate, and even change of feelings. This is not the love story you expected it to be...

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