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Artheiux's Sorceress: The Lost Princess's Tale

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Is having an eye color like those black witches have was already a sin? Does having dark enchantment imply that you just carry bedlam and inconveniences to others? Can Emerlei control her dark side or she'll be eaten by it all in all? As Emerlei found every last bit of her astonishing forces, a piece of it was additionally finding that she's one of those witches she despised the most — the dark sorcerers. One pivotal evening, as her closest companions were hurt once more, the sorceress' heart inside her at last showed itself. Will she let her darkest side succeed and assume control over her to kill the individuals who hurted her companions? Or on the other hand the said genuine romance will hold her back from doing something like this? What's the reality behind her eye tones? Can her friends and family acknowledge her for who and what she truly was? Does a half black witch can't lead those witches who believe that anyone who possesses black magic is bad and harmful? Will they at last perceive her as their princess or they'll want her out of their realm? See Emerlei's excursion as she beats every one of the issues and difficulties life tosses at her.

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