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Antagonist: Protagonist of Her Own Story

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Have you ever thought about why would an antagonist do such crafty things to the protagonist and stand in their way? NO, right? But we will understand once we will put ourselves into that person's shoes because no one was born evil. It is the story of a girl; as her past will unleash along with the story. A story of a Girl, from Pakistan. Facing many terrible things in her life but she also returns things in a manipulative way. Will she ever be able to become a protagonist? Can an antagonist like her have a happily ever after unlike in the other stories where an antagonist either dies or regrets for the rest of their life for their doings? ... ‘You did bad--’ ‘You deliberately cried in front of everyone--’ ‘You are fake--’ ‘You are nothing but an evil piece of sh*t--’ ... "No-- no-- no-- NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" "Jo, what are you doing here. How---- how are you back again." "I never left; I was within you and I will haunt you till the end ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha."

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