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Killing Jeff Horace

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In the town of Springsmouth, life is as normal as it could be. Ronald Wilson, a boy whose father died in war serving his country and whose mother ran away with another man lives with Eugene who is also his football coach. Ron becomes a popular boy by earning the title of captain of football team. He is admired and respected by most of the people in his school. However, his life takes a turn when Jeff Horace, the school janitor is found murdered and Ron finds himself on the top of the suspects list. Ron then sees his life start to fall to a crumble as he has to face a community of prying eyes, with sheriff Landy always trying to bring him down and Ron, unable to prove himself innocent because he has other side hustles. Ron in fact distributes drugs for higher ranked drug dealers and Jeff happened to be one of the high ranked dealers. The dealers got a conflict among themselves and Ron was sent to Jeff in order to give him a warning and convince him to put aside the conflict. However, shortly after Ron left Jeff Horace was murdered and Ron got filled with guilt, thinking that maybe Jeff was killed because he had failed to talk him out of trying to take control of the drug dealing industry. Things get even more difficult for Ron when the sheriff makes him prime suspect of the murder since he is the only person without an alibi and in order to remove the sheriff from his back, he is forced to reveal some secrets that could threaten the drug dealing industry and put his life at stake. In order to fully cleanse his name, Ron starts to carry out his own investigation with his closest friend Mike and Aidan who is also in the same mess as he is in. The three end up involving other people among which Heather Landy, daughter of the sheriff, rich user girl Holly Margot and Zoey Owens in order to find out who had given the order to kill Jeff, to escape the huge mess they had put themselves in and to regain their places in the community while at the same time trying to live a normal teenage life in order to not attract suspicions among other people. In the process, Ron ends up uncovering truths about his parents that had been hidden for long.

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