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REINHART's Adventures on Planet Acrotus

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This novel tells about the curiosity of Reinhart and his four siblings looking for answers to the origins and causes of the crescent-shaped birthmarks on their chests vibrating and creating heat. When Gadjah Biru's grandfather told him, they actually had knight blood. They find it strange. Moreover, about a down-derivative knights. Ridiculous, they thought. As it turned out, their birthmarks were actually connected to the resonance waves of the Terranos Belt belonging to the Great Knight Eirounos from the planet Acrotus. They were flabbergasted. Now their views have changed. When the special envoy Eirounos asks for help to free Eirounos from the evil Megolianth and his minions. Reinhart's Knight Spirit couldn't resist the call of duty. They are also involved in an adventure to destroy Megolianth who has super powers on the planet Acrotus. Was Reinhart's mission on the planet Acrotus successful? You can see the answer in the story of REINHART's Adventures on Planet Acrotus.

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