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The Heart at the Crossroads

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Jude Thadeus Nalulu
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Born and bred by the city, much urbanised Masaba disinterestedly accepts taking up a teaching job in very rural Rural Hight Schiool. He thinks that village life is just better than wildlife but when he meets very charming Achen, he finds it paradise there. The two care less about knowing about the other, as long as what they feel is love, which neither lies nor asks why? However, the re-emergence of Lunyolo, Masaba's longtime friend and ardent admirer, at a time when his steamy romance with Achen has turned a little cold and sour, takes his heart to the crossroads, especially when Achen can't let go. He desperately loves Achen yet like every one else he sees it a right thing to marry the pure Lunyolo. He must choose between love and right.

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