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Scars for a Luna

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body exchange/body swapromancewerewolf

Matelynn Jones, or as she likes to be called, Lynn is the only person to ever survive being kidnapped by Jerome Linus Clade. He is now where he belongs, but that doesn't change the scars that she has physically or mentally after the experience. Tired of being the New Haven Survivor, she convinces her parents to move to a new town for her senior year. Lynn wants a fresh start, but when she meets Jackson Lake she doesn't know what to do. Jackson Lake is in line to be the next alpha of the White Lake Pack. He's been waiting for his mate for two years now and hasn't given up hope. One day at school will change his life, when the new girl comes. Jackson is no longer waiting. He's found his Luna, but will he be able to tell her what he is or who she is?

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