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Only you

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She is sitting quietly on the floor enjoying the view of the stary night it's a full moon night. She looks back as she feels his presence behind her she smiles more brightly than the shine of the moon. She looks at him with love "I love you" "I love you" "I love you" She turns to his side completely But still, he is not moving an inch from his place. "Veer you love me, you still love me Nah" tears roll down from her eyes again she speaks softly "say it veers you love me please ". He has also tears in his eyes he starts moving backward. ' no veer' 'please no don't go veer again don't leave me again.' 'I love you' She ran behind him come outside of her house but he is not there, not anywhere. she starts screaming top of her lungs. " Veer" " Veer" "Veer" "Please come back" She sits on cold grass holds her hands tightly looks at the sky starts crying loudly with her teary vision she looks at her fists she opens her palms slowly and screams again. "Blood" "Blood" "I killed you."

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