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The Billionaire's Exotic Revenge

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Living with her stepmother since early childhood, the life of 'Kayla Wilson' was never easy. Dealing with the vile lady and a distant father made her feel exiled and ostracized. Above all the snobbish behavior of her step-siblings exacerbated the feeling of alienation in her mind. The only way she thought to live a happy and peaceful life is to go and scrap away the "Winsley" name from her identity. Little did she know destiny has completely different plans for her. When she decided to lead an independent life, she landed in the territory of her father's biggest enemy who is burning in the fire of avenging her family. They are two people from two ends-two people who seem to have nothing in common but pain. Two lonely people who have never experienced the power of true love. This "The Billionaire's Exotic Revenge" is a tale of betrayal, lies, deception, missed communication, and love tested by hardships. It will warm your heart, win you over again and again.

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