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Behind Those Smirks

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Demeter Feraday, a beautiful lady living in a small, almost empty apartment in the downtown. She was fourteen when she witnessed both of her parents murdered in front of her. She manage to stay alive independently for years after the masked murderers spared her life but after that night, she became so distant to other people thinking that they will do nothing but to harm her. But even if other people think of her as a cold, weird and untamed woman, she still has the soft side intact with her. She still has a heart especially for Evander. She always find mysterious and dark persons interesting the reason why she became so interested in knowing him. But along the way, she'll meet the man named, Godwin. The very proud, boastful, gorgeous and smirking man who will disturbed her everyday peaceful life. He will annoys her to the different level and made her hate him even more as day passing by. But after that one unexpected, horrible night, she'll found out that behind those annoying smirks, he has the most dark, and dangerous life. Behind those smirks, he has the most painful past.

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