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The Binding of the Halo

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"Cianne Baxter's life has been basic at best but it's all a part of her plan to graduate high school and live quietly. By turning down love confessions, school clubs, and parties, she manages to keep the curse she bears a secret. But the gorgeous and determined Tristan Bertram is unabashedly drawn to Cianne in more ways than one. And when he gets a coveted date with the alluring beauty, their chemistry is immeasurable. Yet, there are three things Cianne is certain of. First, Tristan is the only one she wants to own all of her firsts. Second, their relationship is going to piss off some people. And third, she may be the death of him. Find out what transpires in this original epic paranormal romance. The book includes mature situations, teen pregnancy, violence, kidnapping, death, murder, and a sex scene. For readers 13+. The Binding of the Halo is created by Shea Swain, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author."

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